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Environmental Physics Research Group

Recent publications


Kéri A, Osán J, Fábián M, Dähn R, Török S
Microscopic X-ray fluorescence and electron probe X-ray microanalysis study of the Nd uptake capability of argillaceous rocks
Manuscript under submission to X-ray Spectrometry

Groma V, Börcsök E, Osán J, Alföldy BZ, Schaefer K
Determination of operational aircraft NO2 emission during takeoff
Atmospheric Environment, submitted (2015)

Hartmann B, Börcsök E, Oláhné Groma V, Osán J, Talamon A, Török S
Multi-criteria Revision of the Hungarian Renewable Energy Utilization Action Plan - Focusing on the Aspect of Economy
Renewable Energy, submitted (2015)

Marques Fernandes M, Vér N, Baeyens B
Application of the "Bottom up" approach for the predictive modeling of sorption isotherms on Hungarian Boda Clay and Swiss Opalinus Clay
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, submitted (2014)

Breitner D, Osán J, Fábián M, Zagyvai P, Szabó C, Dähn R, Marques Fernandes M, Sajó I, Máthé Z, Török S
Characteristics of uranium uptake of Boda Claystone Formation as the candidate host rock of high level radioactive waste repository in Hungary
Environmental Earth Sciences 73 (2015) 209-219


Fábián M, Sváb E, Krezhov K
Neutron diffraction and RMC modeling of new amorphous
molybdate system
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 558 (2014) 012017

Völgyesi P, Kis Z, Szabó Z, Szabó C
Using the 186-keV peak for 226Ra activity concentration determination in Hungarian coal-slag samples by gamma-ray spectroscopy
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 302 (2014) 375-383

Hartmann B, Török S, Börcsök E, Oláhné Groma V
Multi-objective method for energy purpose redevelopment of brownfield sites
Journal of Cleaner Production 82 (2014) 202–212

Szabó Z, Jordan G, Szabó C, Horváth Á, Holm Ó, Kocsy G, Csige I, Szabó P, Homoki Z
Radon and thoron levels, their spatial and seasonal variations in adobe dwellings – a case-study at the Great Hungarian Plain
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 50 (2014) 211-225

Osán J, Kéri A, Breitner D, Fábián M, Dähn R, Simon R, Török S
Microscale analysis of metal uptake by argillaceous rocks using positive matrix factorization of microscopic X-ray fluorescence elemental maps
Spectrochimica Acta Part B 91 (2014) 12-23


Fábián M, Sváb E, Zimmermann M
Structure study of new uranium loaded borosilicate glasses
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 380 (2013) 71-77

Demény A, Schöll-Barna G, Fórizs I, Osán J, Sümegi P, Bajnóczi B
Stable isotope compositions and trace element concentrations in freshwater bivalve shells (Unio sp.) as indicators of environmental changes at Tiszapüspöki, Eastern-Hungary
Central European Geology 55 (2012) 441–460.

Kis Z, Völgyesi P, Szabó Z
DÖME – revitalizing a low-background counting chamber and developing a radon-tight sample holder for gamma-ray spectroscopy measurements
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 298(3) (2013) 2029-2035

Marques Fernandes M, Dähn R, Vér N, Baeyens B
Bottom up Approach for the Predictive Modelling of Sorption Isotherms on Argillaceous Rocks
Mineralogical Magazine 77(5) (2013) 1687

Klencsár Z, Tolnai G, Korecz L, Sajó I, Németh P, Osán J, Mészáros S, Kuzmann E
Cation distribution and related properties of MnxZn1-xFe2O4 spinel nanoparticles
Solid State Sciences 24 (2013) 90-100

Csige I, Szabó Z, Szabó C
Experimental technique to measure thoron generation rate of building material samples using RAD7 detector
Radiation Measurements 59 (2013) 201-204

Fábián M, Sváb E, Pamukchieva V, Szekeres A, Todorova K, Vogel S, Ruett U
Reverse Monte Carlo modeling of the neutron and X-ray diffraction data for new chalcogenide Ge-Sb-S(Se)-Te glasses
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 74 (2013) 1355-1362

Berrezueta E, González-Menéndez L, Breitner D, Luquot L
Pore system changes during experimental CO2 injection into detritic rocks: Studies of potential storage rocks from some sedimentary basins of Spain
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 17 (2013) 411–422

Breitner D, Osán J, Török S, Sajó I, Dähn R, Máthé Z, Szabó C
X-ray microspectroscopic investigations of Ni(II) uptake by argillaceous rocks of the Boda Siltstone Formation in Hungary.
in: NEA Clay Club Proceedings 2011. NEA/RWM/CLAYCLUB(2013)1, OECD NEA, 2013, pp. 58-61.


Dähn R, Osán J, Breitner D, Sajó I, Marques M, Baeyens B, Török S
X-ray microspectroscopic investigations of Ni(II) uptake by argillaceous rocks of the Boda Claystone Formation in Hungary
Mineralogical Magazine, 76 (2012) 1613

Vér N, Matus L, Pintér A, Osán J, Hózer Z
Effects of different surfaces on the transport and deposition of ruthenium oxides in high temperature air
Journal of Nuclear Materials 420 (2012) 297–306

Bencs L, György K, Kardos M, Osán J, Alföldy B, Varga I, Ajtony Z, Szoboszlai N, Stefánka Z, Széles É, Kovács L, Kántor T
Determination of trace elements in lithium niobate crystals by solid sampling and solution-based spectrometry methods
Analytica Chimica Acta 726 (2012) 1-8

Reinhardt F, Osán J, Török S, Pap AE, Kolbe M, Beckhoff B
Reference-free quantification of particle-like surface contaminations by grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence analysis
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 27 (2012) 248–255

Frey K, Iablokov V, Sáfrán G, Osán J, Sajó I, Szukiewicz R, Chenakin S, Kruse N
Nanostructured MnOx as highly active catalyst for CO oxidation
Journal of Catalysis 287 (2012) 30-36


Admon U, Betti M, Dahlgaard H, Eriksson M, Fesenko S, Gordeyev S, Hamilton T, Hrnecek E, Jernström J, Kashparov V, Kvasnikova E, Lind O–Ch, Lukashenko S, Orr P, Osán J, Phaneuf M, Pöllänen R, Romero L, Salbu B, Sansone U, Tamborini G, Török S, Vajda N, Voigt G, Wegrzynek D
Radioactive particles in the Environment: Sources, Particle Characterization and Analytical Techniques: IAEA-TECDOC-1663
Vienna: IAEA, 2011. 90 p.

Alföldy B, Groma V, Börcsök E, Nagy A, Czitrovszky A, Török S
In situ study of particle growth in convective eddies of the planetary boundary layer
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions 4 (2011) 6969–6986

Medarde M, Moormann R, Frison R, Puźniak RJ, Pomjakushina E, Conder K, Platacis E, Dai Y, Kiselev D, Zanini L, Török S, Zagyvai P, Heinitz S, Neuhausen J, Schumann D, Thomsen K
Lead–gold eutectic: An alternative liquid target material candidate for high power spallation neutron sources
Journal of Nuclear Materials 411 (2011) 72-82

Börcsök E, Osán J, Bozóki S, Török S
Application of multi-criteria decision analysis in planning electricity generation in Hungary
Magyar Energetika 18(3) (2011) 28-32
[in Hungarian]

Alföldy B, Steib R
Investigating the real air pollution exchange at urban sites based on time variation of columnar content of the components
Water Air and Soil Pollution 220 (2011) 9-21

Nagy EH, Breitner D, Horvath A, Szabo, C
Study of a passive radon mitigation process and indoor radon concentration's time dependence after mitigation
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 6 (2011) 143-149

Siklósy Z, Kern Z, Demény A, Pilet S, Leel-Ossy S, Lin K, Shen CC, Szeles E, Breitner D
Speleothems and pine trees as sensitive indicators of environmental pollution – a case study of the effect of uranium-ore mining in Hungary
Applied Geochemistry 26 (2011) 47-57

Schäfer K, Emeis S, Schrader S, Török S, Alföldy B, Osán J, Pitz M, Münkel C, Cyrys J, Peters A, Sarigiannis D, Suppan P
A measurement based analysis of the spatial distribution, temporal variation and chemical composition of particulate matter in Munich and Augsburg
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 20 (2011) 47-57


Osán J, Meirer F, Groma V, Török S, Ingerle D, Streli C, Pepponi G
Speciation of copper and zinc in size-fractionated atmospheric particulate matter using TXRF-XANES
Spectrochimica Acta Part B 65 (2010) 1008–1013

Börcsök E, Osán J, Török S
Environmental externalities and cost-benefit analysis for electricity generation in Hungary [in Hungarian]
MVM Közlemények 47(1-2) (2010) 39-47

Breitner D, Arvela H, Hellmuth KH, Renvall T
Effect of moisture content on emanation at different grain size fractions - A pilot study on granitic esker sand sample
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 101 (2010) 1002-1006

Vér N, Matus L, Kunstár M, Osán J, Hózer Z, Pintér A
Influence of fission products on ruthenium oxidation and transport in air ingress nuclear accidents
Journal of Nuclear Materials 396 (2010) 208–217


Osán J, Reinhardt F, Beckhoff B, Pap AE, Török S
Probing Patterned Wafer Structures by Means of Grazing Incidence X-ray Fluorescence Analysis,
ECS Transactions 25 (2009) 441-451

Alföldy B, Giechaskiel B, Hofmann W, Drossinos Y
Size-distribution dependent lung deposition of diesel exhaust particles
Journal of Aerosol Science 40 (2009) 652-663

Giechaskiel B, Alföldy B, Drossinos Y
A metric for health effects studies of diesel exhaust particles
Journal of Aerosol Science 40 (2009) 639-651

Stefaniak EA, Alsecz A, Frost R, Sajó IE, Máthé Z, Török S, Worobiec A, Van Grieken R
Combined SEM/EDX and micro-Raman spectroscopy analysis of uranium minerals from a former uranium mine
Journal of Hazardous Materials 168 (2009) 416-423


Stefaniak EA, Alsecz A, Sajó IE, Worobiec A, Máthé Z, Török S, Van Grieken R
Recognition of uranium oxides in soil particulate matter by means of u-Raman spectrometry
Journal of Nuclear Materials 381 (2008) 278-283

Groma V, Osán J, Török S, Meirer F, Streli C, Wobrauschek P, Falkenberg G
Trace element analysis of airport related aerosols using SR-TXRF
Időjárás 112 (2008) 83-97

Steib R, Labancz K, Ferenczi Z, Alföldy B
Airport (Budapest Ferihegy - Hungary) air quality analysis using the EDMS modeling system. Part I. Model development and testing
Időjárás 112 (2008) 99-112

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Atmospheric Environment 30 (2008) 7027-7033

Avigo D, Godoi AFL, Janissek PR, Makarovska Y, Krata A, Potgieter-Vermaak S, Alföldy B, Van Grieken R, Godoi RHM
Particulate matter analysis at elementary schools in Curitiba, Brazil
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 391 (2008) 1459-1468

Alsecz A, Osán J, Pálfalvi J, Sajó IE, Máthé Z, Simon R, Török S, Falkenberg G
Study of the Oxidation State of Arsenic and Uranium in Individual Particles from Uranium Mine Tailings, Hungary
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management, ICEM2007, September 2-6, 2007, Bruges, Belgium; ASME, 2008, ICEM07-7354 [on CD]


Budapest airport air quality long-term studies by remote sensing with DOAS and FTIR with focus upon runway emissions - art. no. 67451P
in: Comeron A, Picard RH, Schafer KS, Slusser JR, Amodeo A, eds.
Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XII
SPIE Proceedings 6745 (2007) P7451

Worobiec A, Szalóki I, Osán J, Maenhaut W, Stefaniak EA, Van Grieken R
Characterisation of Amazon Basin aerosols at the individual particle
level by X-ray microanalytical techniques,
Atmospheric Environment 41 (2007) 9217-9230

Alsecz A, Osán J, Kurunczi S, Alföldy B, Várhegyi A, Török S
Analytical performance of different XRS techniques for the environmental monitoring of the recultivated uranium mine site
Spectrochimica Acta Part B 62 (2007) 769-776

Balásházy I, Alföldy B, Molnár AJ, Hofmann W, Szőke I, Kis E
Aerosol drug delivery optimization by computational methods for the characterization of total and regional deposition of therapeutic aerosols in the respiratory system
Current Computer-aided Drug Design 3 (2007) 13-32

Szőke R, Alföldy B, Balásházy I, Hofmann W, Sziklai-László I
Size distribution, pulmonary deposition and chemical composition of Hungarian biosoluble glass fibers
Inhalation Toxicology 19 (2007) 325-332

Alföldy B, Osán J, Tóth Z, Török S, Harbusch A, Jahn C, Emeis S, Schäfer K
Aerosol optical depth, aerosol composition and air pollution during summer and winter conditions in Budapest
Science of the Total Environment 383 (2007) 141-163

Osán J, Török S, Alföldy B, Alsecz A, Falkenberg G, Baik SY, Van Grieken R
Comparison of sedimentary pollution in the rivers of the Hungarian Upper Tisza Region using non-destructive analytical techniques
Spectrochimica Acta Part B 62 (2007) 123-136


Stefaniak EA, Worobiec A, Potgieter-Vermaak S, Alsecz A, Török S, Van Grieken R
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Spectrochimica Acta Part B 61 (2006) 824-830

Osán J, Török S, Beckhoff B, Ulm G, Hwang H, Ro CU, Abete C, Fuoco R
Nitrogen and sulfur compounds in coastal Antarctic fine aerosol particles - an insight using non-destructive X-ray microanalytical methods
Atmospheric Environment 40 (2006) 4691-4702

Kurunczi S, Osán J, Török S, Betti M
Environmental Studies
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Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2006, pp. 601-641

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Az elemanalitika korszerű módszerei
Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, 2006, pp. 353-416 [in Hungarian]

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X-ray spectrometry
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Properties of New York/New Jersey harbor sediments
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Spectrochimica Acta Part B 60 (2005) 455-469

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Spectrochimica Acta Part B 60 (2005) 525-530

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Röntgenspektroszkópiai módszerek az aktinidák környezeti hatásának vizsgálatában
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