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Materials Department

The Materials Department has completed numerous projects dealing with structural materials and structural integrity. It made the study of the ageing of the reactor pressure vessel and the reliability analysis for the Paks NPP. In these tasks both the analysis of the ageing of structural materials and the (finite element) strength analysis taking into account elastic and plastic deformations played important role.

The Materials Department of AEKI has a wide range of experience in testing structural materials used in nuclear industry. Staff members include mechanical engineers, metallurgists, welder and materials testing engineers, physicists and chemists (see the attached lists including only the key experts). The laboratory is equipped with the necessary instruments for the ageing of structural materials (neutron irradiation channel in the Budapest Research Reactor, owens for thermal ageing, autoclaves for intergranular corrosion studies, etc); mechanical testing, which is suitable for investigation of normal and neutron irradiated (radioactive) samples; activation analysis and mass spectrometry; metallography; scanning electron and tunneling microscopy; neutron radiography; etc. AEKI employs qualified scientists and technical assistants for all kinds of inspections.

Head of Department:
Dr. Ákos Horváth
Secretary: Building 19, office 218
Campus phone: 3628
Phone: +36 1 392 2296
Fax: +36 1 392 2299,
Email: akos.horvath (at)

The department consists of three research groups: