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PorTL thermoluminescent dosimeter systrem

What is PorTL?

PorTL is a revolutionary new system for ionizing radiation dosimetry based on thermoluminescent detectors (TLD). The PorTL system, based on technology developed for the Russian Mir space station and now in use on the International Space Station, is a fully self-contained, highly portable, and battery powered TLD system. The great flexibility of the PorTL system makes it suitable for a wide range of dosimetric applications. The easy-to-use PorTL system permits the rapid measurement and assessment of radiation dose in the field as well as the laboratory by personnel with only a minimum of training.

PorTL reader

The PorTL system consists of one or more compact and robust PorTL dosimeter cells, together with a dedicated, fully portable, battery-powered PorTL TLD reader. PorTL cells can be deployed around potential "hot spots" to monitor the local radiation environment or carried by personnel such as first-responders in order to monitor the individuals' exposure to radiation. The PorTL dosimeter cells can be read out in the field at any time in order to provide an instant measurement of radiation dose received by the cell. Readout of the PorTL cell also effectively resets it so that it is ready for immediate reuse. Each PorTL cell can be reused hundreds of times without significant change in response.