Hungarian Academy of Sciences KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute
1121 Budapest, Konkoly Thege Miklós út 29-33., Hungary * Letters: H-1525 Budapest 114, P.O.B. 49. * Tel: +36 1 392 2222 *

Research - Imre Attila

(i) main field physical chemistry
(ii) other fields fractals, electrochemistry, metastability, phase equilibrium, biomathematics, digital image,processing, supercritical fluids, glassy liquids, auxetic materials
(iii) current research interest : Phase equilibrium in binary liquid mixtures, polymer/polymer compatibility, metastable liquids, cavitation in liquids, fractals in biological and in physical science, flowing systems, supercritical fluids, stability in auxetic systems, glassy systems under negative pressure

- Grantee, NATO Advanced Research Workshops "Liquids Under Negative Pressure", 2002
- Project leader "The effect of the various elements of the pressure tensor on phase equilibrium" Hungarian Research Grant (OTKA) for junior researchers, 2000-2002
- Hungarian project leader " Phase equilibrium in polymer/solvent and polymer/polymer systems" Korean Science and Engineering Foundation- Hungarian Academy of Science bilateral Korean-Hungarian grant (2001-2003)
- Hungarian project leader"Study of fluid-fluid phase transitions in pure and binary liquids under mechanical field" Hungarian Academy of Science - DFG bilateral Hungarian-German grant (2002-2005)
- Hungarian Project Leader, " The effect of negative and positive pressures on the phase equilibrium of polymer-containing systems (solutions and blends)" Chinese- Hungarian bilateral grant (2003-2005)
- Project leader of "Phase Equilibria in one- and multicomponent systems" Hungarian Research Grant (OTKA), 2003-2006
- Hungarian project leader "Liquids Under Pressure", Polish-Hungarian Bilateral Grant (2005-2006)
- Hungarian project leader "Polymers Under Pressure", Chinese-Hungarian Technological Grant (2005-2006)
- Hungarian Project Coordinator, NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant "Supercritical Fluids as Environmentally Friendly Medium for Processing and Destruction of Organic Materials" Polish-Ukrainian-Spanish-Hungarian cooperation (2006-2007)
- Project leader of "Metastable Liquids" Hungarian Research Grant (OTKA), 2007-2011
- Project Leader of „Thermodynamic and Phase Behaviour of Supercritical Water as an Environmentally Friendly Medium: Perspectives from Chemical Weapon Destruction to Generation IV. Nuclear Power Plants, UA-24/2008” Ukrainian-Hungarian Bilateral Grant (2009-2010)

Other Scientific Activities
- “Liquids Under Negative Pressure” NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Budapest, Hungary (February 20-23, 2002), co-organized with Prof. Rhodri Williams (University of Wales, Swansee)
- Miniworkshop for Soft Matter Under Exogenic Impacts, Budapest, Hungary (December 18-19, 2005), co-organized with Prof. S.J. Rzoska (Silesian University)