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Research - Osán János

Source profiling and characterization of Hungarian background and urban aerosols using single particle electron probe microanalysis

Characterization of fly ash of different Hungarian coal and oil burning power plants, extension to renewable fuels

Calculation of ambient air concentrations and dry deposition due to fly ash emitted by different power plants

Study of the chemical state of toxic metals during the life cycle of fly ash using x-ray absorption near edge structure

Study of the physiological effect of fly ash and acid rain on plants and chemical characterization of the deposited dust by XRF and EPMA

Determination of light elements in individual environmental particles using windowless or thin-window EPMA using a reverse Monte Carlo quantification method, methodological development and applications

Comparison of the environmental damages caused by fossil, renewable and nuclear energy generation

Characterization of air and water pollution of the Upper Tisza Region (Hungary) using non-destructive X-ray microanalytical methods

Development of microbeam X-ray methods for analysis of environmental radioactive microparticles

Development of TXRF methodology and air sampler for elemental analysis of fine and ultrafine atmospheric aerosols

X-ray absorption spectrometry in TXRF geometry for chemical speciation of light elements in size fractionated aerosols